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Best Online Sic Bo Real Money NZ

Sic Bo casino game is a very popular dice game, comprising of a lot of similarities to craps. The ancient Chinese dice game can now be enjoyed on a digital platform. New Zealand gamblers can play real money Sic Bo online and win big. Choose between the desktop version of the game or play on the go at any mobile casino that we recommend.

Kiwi players can find a list of NZ casinos with Sic Bo games that they can register at and play for real money or for fun. The traditional dice game is enjoyed with three dice and players can learn how to play online Sic Bo in a few steps.

Despite the many numbers on the Sic Bo table layout, it basically reflects the different bets that are involved in the game. Practice some basic Sic Bo strategy without risking your money when you play Sic Bo for free. The demo games are available at the best online casinos in New Zealand that we trust.

Top Sic Bo Online Casinos New Zealand

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How to Play Sic Bo Casino

If you have played a game of craps at a casino, learning how to play Sic Bo and winning will be a breeze. The ‘Big Small’ dice game is played with three dice and players have to bet on the outcome of the roll. The Sic Bo board features different sets of bets players can place. Players will need lady luck to be on their side when playing this game of chance. Here’s our guide on how to play Sic Bo casino game:

  • Step 1 – The three dice will be inside the Sic Bo dice shaker and the dealer will jiggle the cylinder until the dice land on a number. When playing Sic Bo online, the Random Number Generator will automatically generate the number when you click on the spin button.
  • Step 2 – Players will choose from a multitude of bets on the Sic Bo board. The different Sic Bo bets are distinguished by the odds, with safer bets having low odds while the payout of the risky bet is big.
  • Step 3 – check the Sic Bo results to find out if your bets correspond with the outcome of the roll. If you won, the payout will be credited to your casino account immediately.

Casino Sic Bo Strategy

If you want to play Sic Bo online like a pro, you will need to utilize some sort of strategy when placing your bets. There are different types of tricks that you can employ in your Sic Bo betting strategy. It is all dependent on the type of risk that you want to take. Most players that get their tips from a Sic Bo strategy forum generally opt for low-risk bets.

The Sic Bo bets that do no present a lot of risk are the Small and Big bets. These bets are calculated based on the adding of all three dice to get the total. They offer new players arguably the best chance to increase their bankroll without risking their real money.

  • The small bets have payout odds off 1:1 and feature the total of three dice averaging between 4 and 10 in total.
  • The big bet has payout odds similar to the small. If the total amount of the three dice add up to 11 through to 17, you will get rewarded 1:1. The big bet is considered safe because the odds of hitting a high number with all three dice is pretty high, which makes the payout low.
Online Sic Bo Board

Online Sic Bo Tips – Sic Bo Cheat Codes

Every player wants to win every time they gamble. The safest way to ensure you do is to use the tips that professional gamblers use when playing. Looking for a Sic Bo cheating device online will not help you win. The best online casino NZ sites have security protocols that prevent that from happening. Here are the dos and don’ts that Sic Bo pro players practice when gambling online:

  • Don’t make Big 6 and 8 Bets – these type of Sic Bo bets are arguably the most difficult to hit. This bet has a house edge of 9% and it is considered a high-risk bet. This means that because the odds are very low, you will win a big payout if you win.
  • Place Big and Small Bets – while they won’t provide a big jackpot prize, players can gradually increase their bankroll collecting incremental wins with every bet.
  • Choose a Sic Bo Table with Big Payouts – it is important to study the Sic Bo payout table to understand how many players have won when playing the game. The return to player (RTP) percentage helps you recognise if it is worth your while to gamble on that site or not.

Is Sic Bo rigged?

In New Zealand, the casino websites are required by law to be registered with a reputable gaming commission. The regulator will ensure that all the casino games are fair. Gambling commissions such as Malta and eCOGRA are responsible for being the watchdog that certifies the RTP that casinos display next to games along with ensuring that the random number generator that casinos use is audited and fair. You can download Sic Bo App and play without fear of being scammed at the casinos that we recommend to NZ gamblers.

Popular Sic Bo Terminology

  • Big Bet – This option is prominently displayed on the Sic Bo board and refers to wagering on the sum of the three dice landing between the number 11 and 17. It is commonly recommended to new players because it is a safe bet that pays out 1 to 1.
  • Small Bet – On the opposite end of the board is a Small Bet, which wagers on the overall sum of the three dice being equal to less than 11. It is also categorised as a rather low-risk bet and pays out 1 to 1 as well.
  • Double Bets – This bet refers to a wager on two of the three dice displaying the same value after the roll.
  • Strong Bet – This wager refers to gambling on the exact outcome of the three dice roll featuring the same number. The Sic Bo probability of this bet hitting are very low and thus pays out a huge sum.
  • Weak Bet – This refers to placing a bet on only one or two dice of the total dice in play. It is the opposite of a bet that looks at the aggregate outcome of three dice in the cylinder.
  • Triple Bets – This bet refers to a wager on the same numbers being the outcome of the roll on all three dices. The payout is the highest win in the game, set at 180 to 1.

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