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New Zealand High Roller Casinos

High roller casinos are the perfect hub for gamblers that resonate with the saying “go big, or go home”. It is the perfect gathering place for players that play high stakes gambling, with a table game round that can easily amount to a million-dollar cash prize. Each and every casino has its own qualifying criteria for New Zealand players to become high roller gamblers. High rollers are called big whales because they can easily take big risks that offer massive payouts. If you are looking for the royal treatment at a casino, you can get into the exclusive club of gamblers that win bi.

Typically thought of as an exclusive VIP club, the benefits of being referred to as a “high roller” grants you access where others are denied. In order to gain entry into an NZ online casino VIP program, there is a set betting limit and frequency of play that you need to meet. Upon qualifying, there are thousands of great VIP rewards in store.

  • Claim your high roller casino bonus when you sign up.
  • Play exclusive real money games and win massive cash prizes.
  • Cashout your winnings and receive fast payouts all the time.

Read our high roller casino review to find out more on what it takes to be a high roller. Find a list of high roller casinos in New Zealand 2019.

High Roller NZ Casinos Online

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What is a High Roller? – High Roller Meaning

A high roller is a player that wagers in large sums of money when gambling at a casino. They usually make high stakes bets, focusing more on the potential reward and less on the risk. A player can wager in large sums of money but not necessarily be regarded as a casino high roller. This is because every casino has a threshold that players are required to meet before they can qualify to become a high roller gambler. High rollers are also regarded as whales, derived from the mammal’s large stature. They have high limits and aren’t afraid of putting it all on the line.

How to Become a High Roller

In order to become a high roller gambler, you inherently have to have deep pockets. This is because the risk of losing hundreds and thousands of dollars in a turn is the most common barrier for most players. This means that as much as you may have thousands of dollars in your account, you must be willing to gamble that money. One of the most important common qualifying criteria for casinos in New Zealand is the frequency at which gamblers return to gamble for real money.

High roller casinos are always in the hunt for whales, with special VIP treatment and luxury getaway trips used as bait to lure them to sign up online. You will hear of Las Vegas high roller stories of players betting millions of dollars on a poker table. Typically driven by the adrenalin that comes with massive wins, there’s generally a small circle of high roller gamblers which increases the desirability of being part of the exclusive club. In land-based casinos, high rollers get five-star treatment. They have separate casino game rooms, tailor-made for intimate, quiet game sessions.

Advantages of Playing at a High Roller Casino

For an enjoyable gaming experience unlike any other, gamblers should always aim to enter the fray of high roller gambling. Just like Las Vegas high roller gamblers, you stand a chance of winning big and receiving the royal treatment. Here are a few benefits of playing at high roller casino.New Zealand High Roller Gambling

  • A string of complementary concessions that are reserved for high rollers.
  • Multiple loyalty rewards.
  • Higher deposit and withdrawal options.
  • Faster payouts, expedited in some cases based on the player’s request.
  • A personal account manager.
  • Credit Advances are generally reserved for VIP members.
  • The best high roller bonuses along with daily and weekly promotions.

Kiwi High Roller Casino Games

You’ve probably already figured it out by now that Golden Riviera has the best high roller casinos online. Most of the players already fit the criteria of what is considered a high roller in Vegas. All the high roller casinos have exclusive games that are played for high stakes. Kiwi players can enjoy high roller pokie wins when they play high roller slots games online. These games contain a minimum wager of $100 and can rise all the way to $2500 per spin.

Alternatively, for players that find the table game speed more preferable, high roller roulette games, blackjack and poker titles are in abundance.  High rolling players have the crème of the crop, with casino software providers creating games with massive high roller jackpot prizes. Any high roller game can easily range anywhere from a hundred thousand all the way to the millions.

High Roller Casinos Online FAQs

What is a high roller in Casino?

High rollers at casinos online are gamblers that make wagers for large sums of money. They typically make maximum bets per spin and have higher limits than normal players.

What is a high stakes gambler?

A high stakes gambler is another expression used to refer to high rollers. They are gamblers that have met the threshold of high limit gambling.

What is considered a high roller in Vegas?

Las Vegas high roller gamblers are primarily poker players that make bets for enormous amounts of money. A typical example would be the high stakes game of No Limit Hold’em poker tournament, with a buy-in of $500,000.

Why are high rollers called whales?

The term whale is used to refer to high rollers that gamble large sums of money at a time. It is in reference to the enormous weight of the marine animal.

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