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Blacklisted Casinos New Zealand

With tens and thousands of gambling websites created every day, there’s a blacklisted casinos list that we provide for New Zealand players. This list features casino sites that provide a bad experience to Kiwi players on several areas. Part of our extensive casino review is to check online forums that provide a platform for players to complain about casinos and offer suggestions. We investigate claims from casino gamblers about websites that have dodgy business practices and then we blacklist them.

Find out how to spot a rogue casino online before you fall victim to scammers posing as legitimate casinos. We only recommend the most trusted online casino sites that have gone through our strict review process. The list of blacklisted online casinos NZ helps to protect Kiwi players from being cheated off of their cash when playing for real money. This guide will help you find out the following information:

  • How to get blacklisted from casinos
  • Learn how to spot a rogue casino online in New Zealand
  • How to report a bad casino experience

Safe Online Gambling Sites NZ

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How to Spot A Rogue Casino Site

There are a lot of casinos on the web that gives a bad name to internet casino gaming. Players generally get a bad experience when they visit these casino sites and there is no recourse most of the time. The poor gambling service takes different forms, it can be related to casino games being rigged in the house’s favour or simply a terrible customer service from an unprofessional agent. Hence, our dedicated expert gamblers have listed different factors that will help you know how to spot a rogue casino.

Late Casino Payment
  • Late Payment – there is a standard waiting period that it takes a gambling site to pay a player after they cash out their winnings. It is mostly dependent on the amount that you want to withdraw and the withdrawal method chosen. The accepted waiting period after requesting a withdrawal should be 5-7 working days after providing all required documentation. It seldom takes longer for cheques and bank wire transfers to clear and waiting for 10 working days is considered acceptable. Longer than 10 days is a cause for concern and is likely a sign of a rogue casino.


Rigged Casino Games
  • Rigged Casino Games – since online gaming uses a Random Number Generator to determine the outcome of results, they have to be audited regularly by a third-party for randomness. This ensures that a player has an equal chance of winning or losing with every spin. You can find flawed algorithms that tip the scale in the casino’s favour and limit a player’s winning streak. The best way to spot a casino that should be blacklisted is by observing the payout percentage of the games if it changes every month.


Casino Bonus Promotion
  • False Advertising – most rogue sites promote free spins and casino bonuses that players will get after signing up online and never deliver on their promise.  Therefore, all of the legit casinos in New Zealand have bonus structures that have reasonable wagering requirements. Players should read through the bonus terms and conditions because casinos hide the trick in the fine print.


Poor Customer Support Service
  • Poor Customer Service – the customer support at a casino site is reflective of the corporate culture within the gambling firm. Therefore, should you run into an unprofessional agent that fails to assist you, you may need to exit the casino fast. The poor service standards can also be reflected in the unresponsiveness of the gaming software, complicated layout and no safety protocols to ensure that your banking details are safe.


List of Rogue Casinos

Check out a list of blacklisted online casinos for NZ players to avoid at all cost. These sites have tricked players into transferring their real money into the casino while posing as a legit online casino. In addition, if you know of any casinos not blacklisted online, contact us so that we can conduct a thorough investigation. If you are registered to the following casinos, deregister at your earliest convenience:

❌ 21 Dukes casino❌ Atlantic Vegas Casino❌ Backgammon Monstors❌ Captain Jack Casino❌ Belle Vegas Casino❌ Balza Casino❌ Absolutte poker❌ Lake Palace

Blacklisted NZ Casino Players

Kiwi casinos also have standards that they require players to conduct themselves. You can find a casino player blacklist mostly at brick-and-mortar casinos for players that have tried to cheat while playing. On the internet, there’s an option for New Zealand players to blacklist themselves from gaining entry into a gambling establishment. It is part of a self-exclusion option that you can select when you’ve noticed that you have a gambling problem.

Why There’s A Casino Blacklist

Do not ignore the warning signs, most blacklisted gambling sites present similar characteristics of questionable practices. Online players have been equipped with a checklist of things to look for in order to avoid being scammed.

  • Always check the encryption technology.
  • Is the site verified and certified with a reputable third-party?
  • The payment processing for cashouts and deposits has to be legit.
  • The customer service is professional and responsive.
  • The game selection and software quality are of a high standard.
  • The bonuses advertised are credible and without unreasonably high wagering requirements.

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