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Facebook Gambling Adverts

Facebook has shunned gambling companies for using the platform to persuade gamblers to visit online casinos and gambling websites. The social media giant plans to take legal action against a UK based start-up that promotes gambling via Facebook ads. The UK company uses other popular social media platforms as well. The UK company, The Spinner allegedly uses Facebook’s ad-targeting feature not only to encourage children under the age of 18 to partake in gambling but the platform also influences them to visit casinos online.

Facebook Online Advertising Gambling Policies

The social media platform has over the years been used by companies and people alike to push a particular agenda. It comes as no surprise that companies are using Facebook to promote gambling and indirectly manipulate people into visiting web-based casinos. Facebook conducted research that flagged 740,000 children under the age of 18 as being interested in gambling. The research found that 130,000 of those are in the UK. For flagging adverts that break its policies, the social media platform relies primarily on automated review. Facebooks policies clearly state that they do not condone advertising that wrongfully targets individuals and unlawfully manipulates them.

Facebook Gambling Adverts

How The Spinner Uses Facebook Adverting?

Advertisers can use automatically generated “interests” by Facebook to specifically direct messages to subgroups who have been “listed” as interested in the topic. This is how The Spinner operates.

The UK-based internet casino site uses a method that floods Facebook user’s feed with content that can essentially manipulate them into any sort of activity.

Gambling companies use The Spinners’ targeting methods to lure their existing slot players to log on to their online casino accounts and play on a regular basis. The casino seeking services from The Spinner selects the targeted players. This method, according to the social media network has helped low-level web-based casinos gain traction.

Legal Gambling Sites

There are numerous safe and secure environments where punters can legally gamble online. The best casinos online offer multiple banking methods with a wide variety of games. Legal online casinos offer welcome bonuses that are usually great. These casinos also provide a 24/7 dedicated customer service team that is always ready to assist. See some of the best real-life casinos in New Zealand.

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