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Ted John Leonsis Wants to Revolutionize Gambling

Billionaire tycoon, Ted John Leonsis has announced plans to turn sports gambling around. Leonsis has the vision to change the way the world looks at sports betting. He wants to open sports facilities and high-end gambling properties that look like casinos.

In 2018, the U.S Supreme Court ruled that states can legalize sports betting. With this decision, there was a whole host of new kinds of casinos. Find the best casinos in New Zealand here.

Ted John Leonsis Wants to Revolutionize Casinos

Ted Leonsis shades Bitcoin

Ted John Leonsis believes that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are used to make illegal transactions online. He emphasized that Bitcoin and the dark web need to be carefully explored so that the government can create more jobs and generate tax revenues.

The notion that bitcoin is the dark web is held by numerous people. This includes some legislators and regulators. It is, however, far from what is generally accepted. Many traditional investors are embracing the technology as a means to move value without the need of banks as well as store money.

Opening World-Class Gambling Facilities and Sportsbook

The Supreme Court decision to legalize sports betting has resulted in Leonsis taking a bold step to opening his current sports properties to high-end sportsbook or gambling facilities that are similar to casinos. He said the reason for this is because he wants to take advantage of investments in real estate. He also added that the sportsbook facility will come alive during the day.

In September, Leonsis signed a deal with William Hill, a United Kingdom bookmaker. The deal meant that William Hill could provide gambling venues in his stadium.

Leonsis has, over the years, had a huge impact on the sports betting industry. He invested $153 million in DraftKings, a start-up that allows sports fans to build their own teams based on real-world sports statistics using real players. This app allows fans to create a roster at no cost and it allows them to compete against other players.

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