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Responsible Gambling Help

Online gambling is an exciting form of entertainment for players who gamble responsibly. Responsible gambling takes into consideration an aspect of online casino gaming that every player should add to their gambling experience. This aspect relates to a player’s ethical and moral standing when playing casino games online for real money.

More broadly, this term looks at a number of things other than just a players ethical and moral conscience. Responsible gambling also looks at the act of practising the balancing act between responsibility with recreation.

Some players have a problem when it comes to excessive gambling or unhealthy habits that fund their gambling sessions. Here’s how you spot a problem.

Recognising Problem Gambling

While some of these pointers may be clear to see in someone else, they may go undetected in ourselves. The best thing you can do if you suspect you may have a problem is to be honest with yourself when answering the below questions. If you or someone you know exhibits a few of these behaviours, it may be time to seek help for yourself or on their behalf.

  • Do you or someone you know frequently think about gambling and want to gamble?
  • Do you or someone you know feel the need to constantly place higher stakes bets to increase the thrill?
  • Do you or someone you know experience sense of agitation or other withdrawal symptoms when cutting back on gambling?
  • Do you or someone you know frequently gamble for the sake of escape from problems, responsibilities or expenses?
  • Do you or someone you know ever feel the need to keep on gambling when on a losing streak?
  • Have you or anyone you know ever gambled for the sake of funding your budget to pay bills and other expenses?
  • Have you or anyone you know ever lied about gambling habits or to conceal gambling activity?
  • Have you or someone you know ever done anything illegal to fund your gambling activity?
  • Has gambling ever gotten in the way of personal relationships of yourself or someone you may know?
  • Have you or someone you know ever failed in an attempt to stop gambling?

If you have experienced even one of any of the issues mentioned above, it is extremely important that you immediately seek some form of help. We take responsible gambling very seriously and so should you.

Responsible Gambling Tips

Problem gambling is a serious issue that any player can fall into. To help players avoid falling into the pit of problem gambling, we’ve constructed a few responsible gambling tips. We understand that online gambling can be loads of fun and can cause lots of excitement, especially when winning, but real winners know when to stop.

  • Always set aside a non-negotiable bankroll that won’t affect your livelihood, if you happen to lose it all. If you do lose it all, simply walk away and cut your losses.
  • Set limits in all avenues of your gaming session, this includes the length of playing time. Playing for extended periods of time can lead to a loss of more money than you think. Set strict time limits on your gambling sessions.
  • Create a winning threshold that once reached, you can walk away smiling. Setting a winning total is one of the smartest ways to walk away as a winner. Too often players win and simply stay to win more but end up giving all their money back in bets.
  • Only gamble with money you have and can afford to lose. Doing otherwise will only put a further financial strain on you and could lead to more serious implications.
  • Enjoy the online casinos free play mode to pass time if you’re bored. Demo mode or free casino games are there for you to test a casino game before you bet on it. However, you can also use it to just pass the time or have fun with, no risk involved.

Where to Get Help

There are many organisations aimed at helping with gambling addictions and other forms of problem gambling. Below are the contact details for Kiwi problem gamblers.

Gambling therapy

This is an independent organisation that is available on call 24/7. If you or someone you know needs advice on how to deal with a gambling problem, find help on their website:

Setting age restrictions

Gambling, by law, is strictly forbidden for under 18s. This means that gambling should always be carefully and closely monitored to avoid this risk. Should you require a filter to block gambling websites from the use of any underage gambler, please visit:

Kiwi Gambling Help

If you or someone close to you requires urgent help or advice, New Zealand has its own gambling help-line. You can also help yourself on their website, join a discussion and assess your gambling habits all in one place.

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