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Google To Permit Online Casino Ads

Starting from December, search engine, Google will permit advertisements from operators of online casinos in the four states. Google ads will be allowed to run in the states that are currently permitting online casinos. The state of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey are currently the states that will be permitted to run online casino ads on Google. In a statement, the company said that they support responsible gambling advertising. The company further stated that it abides by the gambling industry standards as well as the local gambling laws.


Originally, Google was supposed to lift the online casino policy early 2020. The company has since changed its plans and indicated that ads will appear earlier. Although Google Ad Manager is not yet available to online gaming operators, casinos based in the four states will have access to platforms such as YouTube, AdMob, Google Display Network and Google Ads.

Advertising Additions

In October, Google increased the number of states where it permits sports betting advertisements. In June 2019, the company launched a “beta” version of the platform that permits online sports betting adds to run in West Virginia, Nevada and New Jersey. The company further expanded its sports betting related ads to Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa and Montana.

Google has certain guidelines that come with its sports betting ads. First off, the companies seeking to run those pitches need to be licensed by at least one state’s regulators. Google has allowed gambling-related advertisements in close to 30 countries. In October 2019, Google updated its policy and added three other countries to the group. These countries include Nigeria, Kenya and Columbia.

Google’s policy states that any company looking to run gambling-related ads in 30 locations need to have adequate licensing from national regulators.

Increase in Revenue

Because Google controls 37 percent of the global online advertising market, it only makes sense for the company to venture into the online casino industry. Although its only four states for now, this will further ensure that the company continues to dominate the online advertising market.

In 2018 alone, Google generated $116.32 billion in revenue from online advertisements. This means that the figure practically more than doubled in just six years. Also, in 2018, only the retail industries as well as financial services spent the most on Google ads compared to other industries.

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