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Gambling Addiction NZ Guide

Gambling addiction is a very unfortunate part of betting on casino games. Lots of people get caught up in the action and end up getting carried away. If you don’t know of anyone who has a gambling problem, they probably do a good job of hiding it or it hasn’t escalated to the point where something has to be done urgently. As a result, we’ve combined our knowledge from tons of gambling addiction stories to explain what is gambling addiction and the different signs to look out for. Along with tips on how to identify the early signs of problem gambling, you can find places where you can receive gambling treatment from professionals in New Zealand.

gambling addiction nz

What is a Gambling Addiction?

A gambling addiction by definition relates to the uncontrollable desire to gamble. There is absolutely nothing wrong with placing bets for money. The issue arises when punters cannot resist the impulse to do so. This inability to refrain from gambling when you are both winning and losing can lead down a very dark path, for the gambling addict as well as those close to them.

The effects of problem gambling can creep into an individual’s home life as well as their ability to work. There are degrees to which a person may be experiencing issues with their addiction to gambling. Here’s a list of the types of gambling addiction:

  1. Problem Gambler

Probably the more harmless of the addiction, problem gamblers typically misinform those around them about their whereabouts and exhibit erratic behaviour. For instance, it could be someone that spends the whole night at a casino knowing full well that they need to go to work the following day.

  1. Binge Gambler

As the name suggests, binge gamblers bet on casino games in intervals in which there are periods of not being involved in any sort of gambling. However, when they actually start a cycle of gambling, they are powerless to stop it. They typically don’t show any signs of responsible gambling.

  1. Compulsive Gambler

Compulsive gamblers are the epitome of gambling behavioural addiction at its worst. They have no restraint nor any reservation about using money put away for living expenses. These types of gamblers have the compulsion to gamble with no limits, even when they’ve won, they are not satisfied.

Help for Gambling Addiction NZ

The New Zealand government is on the road to put an end, or at least reduce the number of gambling addicts in the country. With the dawn of online casinos, identifying problem gamblers has become more difficult.  This is because they can do it from the confines of their homes. Internet addiction and gambling have increased over the years. We have shortlisted a few problem gambling treatments that New Zealand players you can look into:

  • Medication for gambling addiction – there’s intense specific problem gambling therapy available to players that need help. This can take the form of counselling on how to deal with problem gambling and a strict regimen of medication.
  • 3rd-Party Exclusion – Third-party exclusion involves members close to the gambler requesting the casino to ban a player from entering a casino.
  • Self-Exclusion – This relates to a player temporarily banning themselves from playing games at a casino after seeing that there might be a problem.

Gambling Addiction Treatment Centers

Players and the family involved can all receive free gambling addiction help from tons of organisations that specialise in treating addictions. Below are a few problem gambling organisations that we recommend to both players and individuals close to the player.

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