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Former Casinos Austria CFO Sues Ex-Employer for unfair dismissal

Former Casinos Austria Chief Financial Officer, Peter Sidlo has sued the casino chain for €2.3 Million. This follows what he describes as an unfair dismissal. Sidlo was employed as an executive at the partly state-owned casino chain. The former CFO briefly held the position from March 2019 after he was mysteriously hired. The appointment was despite Sidlo not having the relevant experience. Sidlo only served as the CFO for nine months. CA subsequently fired the ex-employee for allegedly inflicting serious damage to image and loss of reputation for the company.

casinos austria cfo sues casino for €2.3 million

Sidlo is currently under investigation by Austria’s economic crimes and corruption prosecutor, who revealed that the appointment of Sidlo wider political conspiracy. Whistleblowers also alleged this information. The former CFO’s employment at Casinos Austria is a direct influence of Heinz-Christian Strache, Austria’s former far-right Vice-Chancellor. Novomatic an Austrian gaming company is also in on the scandal.

In December 2019, Novomatic rid itself of its CA shares. The company held a significant stake in Casinos Austria. Sidlo is also a district councilor in Vienna and a member of Freedom Party (FPÖ).

Casinos Austria prepares Former CFO Probe

In November 2019, lawmakers in Australia began a probe into Casinos Austria. The government investigated 11 individuals, including former CFO of Casinos Auria, in connection with illicit political funding and bribery. The lawmakers also promised to change Austria’s gambling law to benefit Austrian online gambling companies.

Dubbed the “Casinos Affair”, the investigation focused on how the vice-chancellor had helped in the appointment of Sidlo. Lawmaker looked to uncover if the appointment of Sidlo could possibly end Casinos Austria’s monopoly on online gambling. If this was successful, it could greatly benefit Novomatic.

Former Casinos Austria CFO used as Pawn

The former CFO is in the middle of a political conspiracy pawn. The lawyers deny that he damaged CA’s reputation or that he breached his duties. Sidlo’s lawyers argue that the company failed to give a concrete reason for firing him.

Sidlo is suing Casinos Austria for €2.3 Million which includes his bonus and salary for his three-year contract at the company. The figure also includes cash that he claims he would have saved over the years had he continued to work at the company.

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