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First Human-like Automated Baccarat Robot Dealer

Macau based Gaming technology company, LT Game has announced that the first Automated Baccarat Robot Dealer is ready to hit casino floors. LT Game says the product will be shipped to casinos overseas. The company did not clearly reveal where the human-like robot will be deployed. Paradise Entertainment Limited said the robot can accurately and steadily deliver cards in a baccarat game. According to Paradise, the artificial intelligence (AI) robot features “exhilarating music” and “high definition screen.” The robot can also distribute cards. The new model, named ADV2 LT Intelligent is now under government testing and licensing period.

First Human-like Automated Baccarat Robot Dealer

Currently, LT Games is involved in selling electronic gaming products and systems and casino management at two casinos. The two casinos are Casino Waldo, which is under a franchise from Galaxy Entertainment Group and a company that operates under SJM Holdings, Casino Kam Pek Paradise. The robot prototype received a lot of criticism from the public in 2015 when it was unveiled.  In an article, media house Bloomberg labeled the creation as being disturbing. According to the publication, there aren’t many gamblers who would prefer a robot over a real human dealer.

Hong Kong Gaming Law

Regulations in Macau only allows residents to be employed as live dealers in casinos. Operators in casinos have previously raised the issue of minimal manpower in the area due to these restrictions. There were 25,213 dealers employed in Macau in June 2019 which is 4.8% more than what it was in June 2018. Ho Iat Seng, Chief Executive-elected, says the current policy is far from being canceled.

LT Game says the introduction of the automated baccarat robot dealer is a way to assist understaffed casinos.

Will AI shape the world of Gambling?

A number of casinos in Macau are already using AI to enhance the gambling experience for gamblers. The casinos use AI to figure out gamblers’ habits. They also use the technology to identify the likeliness of a gambler to continue gambling. The technology also logs as well as tracks each person’s actions on the casino floor. It seems as though more and more casinos are open to trying out new technologies in their facilities.

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